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This background is greenball.jpg
Optimized for resolutions of 800 pixels wide or smaller.

Text Color Samples (size 3)
#000000: Black Text
#FFFFFF: White Text
#C0C0C0: Gray Text
#804000: Brown Text
#FF0000: Red Text
#FF8000: Orange Text
#FFFF00: Yellow Text
#00FF00: Green Text
#0000FF: Blue Text
#800080: Purple Text

Right-click anywhere on the background to download it to your computer.

You'll need to set your left margin to 65 pixels, or higher, to clear the border. The best way to do this is to enclose your entire page in a table, with the first Table Data cell set to the correct Width...or use a blank GIF with a Width attribute set to the proper number of pixels (see below). You can download a blank GIF by right-clicking inside this box:

blank .gif


Place this at the top of your page, right under the <BODY> tag:
    {TD}{IMG SRC="../../images/blank.gif" WIDTH="65" HEIGHT="1" BORDER="0"}{/TD}
Place this at the bottom of your page, right above the </BODY> tag:

NOTE! Change all the {} to <> or the code won't work!

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