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Using A TABLE To Compensate For A Left Border

To move your text and graphics over to the right to keep them from overlapping a left-hand border, enclose your entire page in a Table.

The first Table Data cell <TD> is then set to the correct Width by filling it with a blank GIF whose Width= attribute is set to the proper number of pixels (see below). You can download a blank GIF by right-clicking inside this box (Mac users, click & hold):

The HTML code you'll use looks like the example below, except that the { } are replaced by < >. The "less than" and "greater than" symbols can't be used here, or your browser would think it was supposed to turn this whole example into a table. But you can cut & paste ~ or hand-copy ~ this snippet HERE:

Place this part at the top of your page, right under the <BODY> tag:
    {TD}{IMG SRC="blank.gif" WIDTH="50" HEIGHT="1" BORDER="0"}{/TD}
Place this part at the bottom of your page, right above the </BODY> tag:

See where it says WIDTH="50"? That's the only number you need to play with, using higher or lower numbers to make your page clear the border.

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