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to other sources of excellent Free Pagan graphics:

This site sells unique, handcrafted jewelry and hair pieces, but also is a fun site to visit for FREE information about stones and other topics. Crown Jewels
Offering free gemstone postcards, a chat board, classifieds, search engines for astrological birthstones, and healing stone searches that result in specific gravity, hardness, the corresponding chakras and more. Also, many sorted graphic and web-design links.

Link: Rhiannwn's Celtic Web Art Rhiannwn's Celtic Web Art
Knotwork and symbols embossed in backgrounds, buttons, and small graphics. Some really good stone and metallic effects.
Link: Robin Woods' Pagan Graphics Robin Woods' Pagan Graphic Freeware
Maybe THE premiere professional pagan artist...and she gives away a lot of her work right here!

Updated November 4, 1999
MORE TO COME...I'm working on 'em!

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