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...are Small, Pretty, Useless Decorations for your Web Pages. Feel free to download any that you like, but please take a logo button as well, and link back to Hairfish Web Graphics. Link-back button, 198x77 [6k]

New images added February 3, 2000

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Gold eagle, 252x200 [12k] Gold eagle, 252x200 [12k]
Gold eagle, 187x149 [8k] Gold eagle, 187x149 [8k] Gold eagle, 111x90 [2k] Gold eagle, 111x90 [2k]
Parrot, 172x268 [12k] Parrot, 133x210 [9k] Parrot, 133x210 [9k]
Parrot, 92x142 [5k] Parrot, 92x142 [5k] "Parrot" images look their best on a dark background. Parrot, 59x91 [2k] Parrot, 59x91 [2k]
Alien face, 69x100 [3k] Dancing bug alien, 130x200 [4k]
Best on light background
Monkey-like critter, 104x150 [4k] Up Your Nose, 65x80 [2k]
dancing 'butterfly' woman 161x236 elephant 109x100 [1k] dancing 'butterfly' woman 146x220
bee 48x36 cat 40x117 cat 114x150 [4k] eros left 73x136 eros right 73x136 bunch of small ladybugs 102x86
big ladybug left 74x82 big ladybug right 74x82 butterfly 56x57 [2k] butterfly 56x57 [2k] butterfly 63x55 [2k] butterfly 63x55 [2k] butterfly 49x49 [2k] butterfly 49x49 [2k]
bird w/crescent moon 87x71 mermaid 85x145 bird 82x50 fanciful seahorse 162x170
blue fish, 68x48 [2k] angelfish, 80x81 [2k] yellow fish, 81x57 [1.5k] tiny angelfish, 32x32 [412 bytes] tiny yellow fish, 32x32 [423 bytes]
goldfish, 199x105 [6k] goldfish, 131x69 [3k] goldfish, 86x46 [2k]
brown stag head 59x71 multicolor stag head 59x71 pink/blue stag head 59x71 green/white stag head 59x71 purple stag head 59x71

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