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...are Small, Pretty, Useless Decorations for your Web Pages. Feel free to download any that you like, but please take a logo button as well, and link back to Hairfish Web Graphics. Link-to button, 198x77 [6k]
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New images added December 11, 1999

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apple 48x60 [1k] apple 45x58 [1k] apple core 40x75 [1k] apple soda 45x75 [2k] artichoke 65x64 [3k]
banana 65x75 [3k] banana 81x75 [2k] bunch of bananas 84x75 [3k] beer 64x75 [2k] bell pepper 50x75 [3k] bell pepper 45x75 [3k] burger 113x71 [3k]
cabbage 110x104 [k] carrot 72x75 [k] champagne glasses 73x75 [k] cheese wheel 75x56 [k] cherries 85x78 [k] chili pepper 61x115 [k] corn 41x62 [k] corndog 59x117 [k]
croissant 113x70 [k] cucumber 116x61 [k] cup of coffee 119x137 [k] cup of coffee 98x70 [k]
bowl of fruit 100x110 [k] pitcher of lemonade 113x99 [k] ice cream cone 60x118 [k] blue jelly bean 39x30 [k] green jelly bean 39x30 [k] purple jelly bean 39x30 [k] red jelly bean 39x30 [k] lemon slice 53x100 [k] lemon slice 53x100 [k]
orange slice 110x58 [k] orange slice 110x58 [k] strawberry 88x100 [k] roast turkey 119x65 [k] roast turkey 101x59 [k]

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