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Hairfish Graphics Ensembles

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Web Page Ensembles are complete packages of graphics for use in designing your home page on the World Wide Web. These are offered FREE for use on non-commercial sites (see complete Terms of Use at the bottom of this page). All I ask in return is a link back to my main Index page, using the button below.

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Goldenrod Watercolor Blue Lavender Jelly Cyan Bubbles Bearfoot DNA Fireflies Cyan Glitter Gold Ball Silver Bear Paw Blue Tile
Magenta Spatters Sparkling Blue Torn Cloth Sparkling Green Amethyst Shamrocks Light Shamrocks Medium Shamrocks Dark Chocolate! Seashells Ferns
70s Green 70s Red Fiery Beads on Pink Fiery Beads on Yellow Brocade and Pearls Yellow Roses and Buttons Leather Desk Black Leather Jacket Green Stripe Blue Marble African
Butterflies on Blue Butterflies on Green Butterflies on Blue & Green

These ensembles include assorted parts on black and white backgrounds, for use in tables...
or if you prefer a more basic color scheme.

Sparkling Silver Rumplestuff Rumplestuff Rumplestuff

BAR OVERLAP... Click HERE to learn how to use a Table to cope with left-hand borders. (This link will open a new window.)
DO NOT LINK TO THESE GRAPHICS! Each page contains instructions for downloading the graphics to your own computer. If you link to the graphic, and I remove it or change the name, you'll be left with a broken link...or possibly something more embarrasing!

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My Guestbook

All images © 1998-2004,  Hairfish™ Graphics.

These images are free for use on personal and not-for-profit Web sites, provided a button (above) linking back to Hairfish Graphics is included in an appropriate place on the site. While I prefer the link appear on the same page as the graphic, if you have a separate "Links" or "Credits" page, that's fine.

See Hairfish's 'Net: The Splash Page for full Terms of Use.

Please contact Hairfish for information regarding use on business sites, or to report problems with this site. (Remove the word REMOVE before sending; this is an anti-spam measure.)