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Athena facing Right 92x142 [4k]  Athena facing Left 92x142 [4k]  Goddess with Torch, facing Left 85x200 [4k]  Goddess with Torch, facing Right 85x200 [4k]  Goddess with Torch and Grain, facing Left 100x142 [4k]  Goddess with Torch and Grain, facing Right 100x142 [4k]
Sea Goddess (mermaid) Tail on Left 93x142 [4k]  Sea Goddess (mermaid) Tail on Right 93x142 [4k]  Gryphon/Dragon facing Left 134x116 [7k]  Gryphon/Dragon facing Right 134x116 [7k]  Goddess with Lyre facing Left 74x142 [3k]  Goddess with Lyre facing Right 74x142 [3k]
Nymph with Violin facing Left 144x179 [1k]  Nymph with Violin facing Right 144x179 [1k]  Handful of Fire, Left 77x155 [6k]  Handful of Fire, Right 77x155 [6k]

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