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Last update: July 25, 2004

     You're welcome to download any of these pieces for your Web page, just as long as you provide a link back to Hairfish Web Graphics and identify it as the source of these graphics. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see that isn't here? Email me and let me know!

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Some graphics use the Woolbats font by Curtis Clark as their starting point.
This popular and useful shareware fonts is available for download HERE.
MAIN PAGAN INDEX Probably where you just came from... Entrance page to the Pagan areas of Hairfish's 'Net. Contains Pagan web-ring links.
**NEW!** CANDLES Background-color Change Option
A rainbow of flickering candles on a black background ~ still candles on transparency background.
**NEW!** PENTACLES Background-color Change Option
Lots of pentacles in all colors, some glittery, some metallic, some even animated (not spinning!).
SPOT GRAPHICS Background-color Change Option
Miscellaneous individual images suitable for use as illustrations, "clickable" images, or just to dress up your text pages. (I'm in the process of narrowing down categories for faster-loading pages.)
BOOKENDS Background-color Change Option
Sets of images facing right and left, for use on either side of a title or center image. May also be used individually, like spot graphics.
GODDESSES Background-color Change Option
Depictions of the Goddess in her many forms.
LARGE GRAPHICS Background-color Change Option
Suitable for splash and entrance pages, or in tables cells where the text will be narrow. Not recommended as spot graphics! Contact me if you'd like a smaller version.
All the symbols of the Zodiac, in several styles. Planetary symbols coming soon...I hope.
BACKGROUNDS Tiling backgrounds with purely Pagan themes: pentagrams, tool symbols, goddess symbols, and more. Includes representations of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.
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GRAPHIC LINKS Links to other sites offering excellent FREE Pagan graphics.

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