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Ankh, air ~ 98x148 GIF [4k] Ankh, earth ~ 98x148 GIF [4k] Ankh, fire ~ 98x148 GIF [3k] Ankh, water ~ 98x148 GIF [3k]
Mermaid and Merman 212x129 [12k] Moon & berries ~ 154x45 GIF [3k] Athame ~ 30x98 GIF [1k] Moon & berries ~ 162x53 GIF [3k] Chimera ~ 147x133 [5k]
Minotaur ~ 133x113 [4k] Wheel ~ 145x146 GIF [10k] Wheel ~ 73x73 GIF [3k]
Black Candle ~ 20x110 [1.5k]    Blue Candle ~ 20x110 [1.5k]    Green Candle ~ 20x110 [1.5k]    Orange Candle ~ 20x110 [1.5k]    Purple Candle ~ 20x110 [1.5k]    Red Candle ~ 20x110 [1.5k]    White Candle ~ 20x110 [1.5k]    Yellow Candle ~ 20x110 [1.5k]   
Bat Outa Hell ~ 210x68 [9k] Corn King's Goat? ~ 200x200 [7k] Green scary head ~ 91x136 [16k] Head with Ram Horns ~ 143x104 [7k]
Blue Gryphon ~ 104x115 [5k] Golden Gryphon ~ 104x115 [6k] Purple Gryphon ~ 104x115 [6k] Red Gryphon ~ 104x115 [5k] Silver Gryphon ~ 104x115 [5k] Tan Gryphon ~ 104x115 [6k]
Pegasus ~ 161x139 [6k] Man In The Moon ~ 90x90 [4k] Unicorn ~ 189x150 [9k]
Plain Mask ~ 150x64 [3k] Laughing Mask ~ 220x90 [5k] Gold Sequined Mask ~ 154x67 [3k]
Winged Sphinx ~ 156x103 [5k] Woman In The Moon 100x100 [5k] Sea-Cow ~ 167x125 [5k]

The original line-art images that form the bases for the pieces below
are from the "Woolbats" font, by Curtis Clark.

'Butterfly' Axe 97x120 [1k]  Horned God 74x120 [3k]  Horned God with Snake 154x120 [3k]  Interconnecting Rings 121x120 [5k]  Creature 120x108 [5k]  Green Man 87x120 [4k]  Horned God Disk with Crescents and Moon 120x119 [4k]  Crescent Horns 100x125 [3k]  Athame 46x150 [2k]  Crescent Horns 86x125 [3k]  Blue Star 105x100 [3k]  Cauldron 117x100 [3k]  Rainbow Wheel 100x100 [4k]  Pentacle 125x125 [2k]  Blue Chalice 96x130 [6k]  Green Chalice 96x130 [6k]  Earth Bird w/Egg 139x120 [6k]  Firebird 230x130 [13k]  Fuchsia and Blue Pentacle 92x92 [6k]  Blue Crescents and Pentacle 130x65 [5k] 
Broom Divider 440x53 [4k] 

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All image treatments © 1998-2001 J. M. Hopper, Hairfish Graphics. Naturally, you're free to download "Woolbats" (link above) and make your own graphics from them.
These images are free for use on personal Web sites, provided a button (above) linking back to Hairfish Graphics is included in an appropriate place on the site.While I prefer the link appear on the same page as the graphic, if you have a separate "Links" or "Credits" page, that's fine.
Please contact Hairfish for information regarding use on business sites, or to report problems with this site.