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Hairfish Graphics: Free Graphics 525x170 [46k]

Spruce up your Web presence with colorful buttons and bars...create the perfect backdrop with something from our selection of backgrounds...sprinkle a few SPUDS* around, and you have a full-course Web experience.
Or, if you're still searching for that special "look and feel," peruse the collection of Web Page Ensembles...sets of coordinating backgrounds, bars, and buttons that will give your Home Page that pulled-together appearance.

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Le Menyoo...

Web Page Jewelry

It looks so real, you'll worry about poking your fingers on the clasps.

OK, OK...they're pictures, balls, buttons, dividers, all the little pretties that make your Web site as comfy as your bedroom -- but without those stinky pajamas stuffed under the pillow.

Choose from seamless tiling backgrounds, or stacking backgrounds with vertical borders ~ includes instructions and files needed to position your page so that the border isn't covered!

Complete sets of matching backgrounds, buttons, and dividers. Take a tour and see them all, or use the handy graphical index.

The signs of the Zodiac in many styles and colors ~ download individually, or in whole sets (requires decompression program capable of handling .zip files).

Just remember...if you use any of these images on a Web page, be sure to include a link back to Hairfish Web Graphics, using this button.

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Pagan Disk
If you're a Pagan with a Web page, enter HERE for FREE spots and backgrounds specific to your needs.
If you're NOT Pagan...and don't care to see such artwork because it bothers you...please don't bother telling me about it.

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